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War, State and Society provides access to a vast array of ministerial, local, and propaganda records relating to the management and experience of British society in wartime:


Wartime collections of U.K. government departments:

  • Home affairs meetings and of reports the Lord President’s Committee and Food Policy Committee (War Cabinet)
  • Domestic intelligence surveys and daily updates on the security situation (Ministry of Home Security)
  • Intelligence reports on political disruption and morale (Ministry of Information)
  • Records of the Government Evacuation Scheme (Ministry of Health and Board of Education)
  • Reports on reserved occupations and the wartime workforce (Ministry of Labour and National Service)
  • Refugee Papers and records of the Advisory Council on Aliens (Foreign Office)
  • Social reconstruction surveys (Ministry of Works and Buildings)

Records of local wartime organisations and surveys from across the U.K.:

  • Surveys on the social impact of bombing in local areas
  • Evacuation progress reports from the Ministry of Health’s Regional Evacuation Officers
  • Progress reports, census data, and welfare activities in local bomb shelters   
  • The minutes and tribunals of local Food Control Committees, responsible for enforcing rationing and prosecuting offenders
  • Administrative and welfare records of the Women’s Land Army, an auxiliary agricultural workforce
  • Organisational records and self-penned histories of local units of the Home Guard, the volunteer defence corps established in anticipation of an invasion  

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Collections of Government Propaganda

  • Wartime film production documents from the Ministry of Information and Crown Film Unit
  • Kitchen Front broadcasts from the Ministry of Food’s Public Relations Group
  • Advertisements and public notices for a variety of government bodies and initiatives sourced from the History of Advertising Trust Archives    
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