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Explore Content allows you to browse all the documents in War, State and Society. You can use the filter options such as date, theme, document type, government department, and Civil Defence Region to restrict the number of documents being displayed.

Synonym search allows a given search term to automatically retrieve variants of that term. For example, a search for "Home Guard" with synonym search enabled will return results for "Local Defence Volunteers" and "LDV". To run a synonym search, select Use Synonyms on the Quick Search page or the Advanced Search page. To search for a specific term only, deselect Use Synonyms on the Quick Search and Advanced Search pages.

Phrase searching is supported on this platform. To complete a phrase search, encapsulate the term in quotation marks, for example by typing "gas masks".

Stem searching is the comparison of a search term to the root form of the word(s) used in that search term. For example, a user may search for the term "calmer", but turning on stem searching will also return search results for any word that contains the root form of the term (e.g. "calm", "calmed", "calmer"). Stem searching is switched off by default, but can be turned on by selecting the tick-box titled Use Stemming next to the search bar. To search for a specific term only, ensure that the Use Stemming tick-box is deselected on the Quick Search and Advanced Search pages.

Advanced search overview

Wildcards are supported on the site and can be used in all search fields. They can be used in a search query to represent an unknown character.

  • The asterisk (*) represents any group of characters, including no character.
  • The question mark (?) represents any single character.
  • The dollar sign ($) represents zero or one character (useful when searching for expressions).

Search results

Selecting the Return to Advanced Search link from the search results will enable you to return to your previous search query (prepopulated fields and filters) and edit or delete as you wish.

Our search results provide faceted searching, allowing you to further reduce the number of results being displayed, such as limiting by (and in combination with) document type, date, and/or theme. To clear any selected filters, click on the Clear filters link.

Image viewer overview

Clicking on a View Images button from Explore Content, search results, or file pages will open the image viewer. The image viewer offers a number of different options:

  • Clicking on the View thumbnails button displays all the pages within the document.
  • The drop-downs next to Jump to list all the sections and pages within the document and enable you to move between them.
  • Clicking on the Next page and Previous page links takes you to the next or previous page in the document.
  • Clicking on Next file or Previous file takes you to the next or previous file in the series.
  • Clicking on Next hit or Previous hit takes you to the next or previous page where your search term is highlighted.
  • Download page range enables you to select a range of pages to download as a PDF document.
  • Clicking on the + and buttons zooms in and out of the page.
  • Clicking on the Home button returns the page to the default zoom settings.
  • Clicking on the Toggle Full Page button takes you to or from a full-page view.
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