A glossary of communist parties throughout Eastern Europe

State Governing Parties

State Party

Albania Party of Labour of Albania PPSH
Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë Governed 1945 to 1991
Bulgaria Bulgarian Communist Party  BCP  Balgarska Komunisticheska Partiya  Governed 1946 to 1989 
Czechoslovakia Communist Party of Czechoslovakia  KSČ Komunistická strana Československa
Governed 1948 to 1990
East Germany Socialist Unity Party of Germany  SED  Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deustchland  Governed 1949 to 1989 
Hungary Hungarian Working People's Party  MDP  Magyar Dolgozók Pártja
Governed 1948 to 1956
  Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party MSZMP  Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt Governed 1956 to 1989
Poland Polish United Workers' Party  PUWP  Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza  Governed 1948 to 1989 
Romania Romanian Communist Party (Romanian Workers' Party, 1954-1965) PCR  Partidul Comunist Român Governed 1948 to 1989
Soviet Union Communist Party of the Soviet Union  CPSU  Коммунистическая партия Советского Союза (Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Sovetskogo Soyuza)
Governed 1917 to 1991 
Yugoslavia League of Communists of Yugoslavia SKJ    Governed 1945 to 1990 
Regional Governing Parties       
Region Party     
  Bosnia and Herzegovina  SK BiH League of Communists of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Savez komunista Bosne i Hercegovine
  Croatia SKH  League of Communists of Croatia  Savez komunista Hrvatske 
  Macedonia CKM  League of Communists of Macedonia Sojuz na Komunistite na Makedonija 
  Montenegro SKCG  League of Communists of Montenegro  Savez komunista Crne Gore 
  Serbia SKS  League of Communists of Serbia  Savez komunista Srbije 
  Kosovo SKK  League of Communists of Kosovo  Savez komunista Kosova 
  Vojvodina SKV  League of Communists of Vojvodina  Savez komunista Vojvodine 
  Slovenia ZKS  League of Communists of Slovenia  Zveza komunistov Slovenije 
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