Data Protection Notice and Takedown Policy

Some of the primary source materials within this resource may contain personal data about living individuals, including special category personal data, both as defined under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (the “Data Protection Laws”). This is personal data that was acquired by UK government departments that have transferred their records to The National Archives. In digitizing these records, Taylor & Francis is committed to handling any personal data contained therein according to the safeguards of the Data Protection Laws.

Taylor & Francis takes efforts to avoid publishing online any personal data that may cause damage or distress to living individuals, including redacting from the digitized records any special category personal data about an identifiable, private, living individual.

If you identify any:

  1. special category personal data, which is defined under the Data Protection Laws as sensitive personal data, including but not limited to:
    1. personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin;
    2. personal data revealing political opinions;
    3. personal data revealing religious or philosophical beliefs;
    4. personal data revealing trade union membership;
    5. genetic data;
    6. biometric data (where used for identification purposes);
    7. data concerning health;
    8. data concerning a person’s sex life; and
    9. data concerning a person’s sexual orientation,
  2. or personal data that may cause damage or distress, relating to living individuals in the digitized primary sources that has not been redacted,
please get in touch with Taylor & Francis using the form below to request that the information be taken down.

In accordance with The National Archives’ policy, we assume a lifespan of 100 years to identify living individuals and shall not take steps to redact special category personal data for individuals aged over 100 years. This may result in personal data on individuals aged over 100 being made public. If this is the case, please contact Taylor & Francis using the form below and we will redact the applicable personal data from the digitized records.

Upon receiving a takedown request, the digital file will be removed from the site while Taylor & Francis review the request and the identified personal information in consultation with The National Archives, U.K. If the continued publication of the personal data is found by The National Archives’ Takedown Panel to be unlawful or unfair under Data Protection Laws, we will redact the personal data and reupload the redacted file to the site. Please see The National Archives’ Takedown and Reclosure policy for more information:


  • Name
  • Email address
  • Your enquiry [Please provide specific details on the personal information and the file(s) in which the personal information is contained]

Form submissions to be sent to these addresses:

For further information on Taylor & Francis’s Privacy Policy, please see:

For further information on The National Archives’ privacy policy relating to personal information in archive records, please see:

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