MAF 102/2-7 - Ministry of Food, Public Relations Group: Kitchen Front Broadcasts.

This subseries contains transcripts of Kitchen Front, a series created by the Ministry of Food and broadcast through the B.B.C. as part of the Ministry's wider campaign dealing with food advice and publicity arrangements for food control for the period 1938–1955.

During the Second World War, and under the leadership of the Minister of Food, Frederick James Marquis, the Earl of Woolton, the Ministry of Food was responsible for overseeing rationing and state trading. Lord Woolton believed that the implementation of a successful rationing system required the support of advertising and public outreach to maintain morale amongst the British public. This campaign was to include research into the methods of preparing, marketing, and preserving foodstuffs; the maintenance and improvement of food standards; and the provision of advice to the public on cooking available foodstuffs through radio broadcasts such as the Kitchen Front, which proved extremely popular with its listeners.

The Ministry of Food capitalized on the Kitchen Front's popularity, using the broadcasts to communicate with the British public, explaining about the points-based rationing scheme, discouraging waste of any kind, and encouraging the use of foods that were more generally available, such as milk, bread, potatoes, vegetable oils, and fats.

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