LAB 6/7-94 - Ministry of Labour and National Service. Sub-Committees on Military Recruitment; Reserved Occupations and Manpower Priorities: Minutes.

This subseries contains the files of the Military Recruitment Department, part of the Ministry of Labour and National Service.

During the Second World War, the Ministry of Labour and National Service was responsible for allocating people to work between the armed forces, civil defence, and industry, and to administer the Schedule of Reserved Occupations, which exempted skilled workers from being conscripted into service.

The files relate to a variety of topics including deferments; conscientious objection; control of medical manpower; the National Service Bill 1947; the administration of, and a complete set of forms used under, the National Service Acts 1948 to 1955; papers of H.N. de Villiers (head of Military Recruitment 1939 to 1944); and British subjects repatriated from Egypt after the Suez crisis of 1956. Many later files deal with the deferment of national service for certain categories, and with the treatment of conscientious objectors.

The series also includes files of the Military Training (Hardship) Committee, the Medical Advisory Committee, the National Service Appellate Tribunal, and the War Cabinet Manpower Priority Committee, along with its sub-committee on the schedule of reserved occupations.

After the war, functions relating to unemployment insurance and assistance were transferred to the Ministry of National Insurance, but the Ministry of Labour retained responsibility for employment exchanges. The National Service Department was wound up and its functions passed to the Military Recruitment Department.

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