INF 6/326-675 - Central Office of Information and Predecessors: Film Production Documents: Wartime films.

This series contains the production records of wartime films produced by the Ministry of Information, the Crown Film Unit, and its General Documentary Films.

Shortly after the outbreak of the war, the film unit of the General Post Office (G.P.O.) was transferred into the Film Division of the Ministry of Information (M.O.I.), under the new title of the Crown Film Unit (C.F.U.). Its remit was to produce, commission, and distribute films for public consumption relating to the war effort, life on the home front, and various other domestic and international affairs. Hundreds of films were released under the C.F.U. and M.O.I. imprint during the war, and were later followed by another series of "General Documentary Films" designed to promote the reconstruction effort once the M.O.I. had been disbanded and succeeded by the Central Office of Information in 1946.

The files selected from this series contain the production notes, shooting scripts, and shot lists for the films produced and released by the C.F.U. during wartime and the immediate post-war period. They provide a valuable insight into the M.O.I.'s propaganda machinery during this time, as well as the presentation of various social, military, and international affairs by the government to a public audience.

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