HO 199/381-487 - Ministry of Home Security, Intelligence Branch, Registered Files: Civil intelligence papers.

This series contains correspondence and papers of the Intelligence Branch relating to the collection, collation, and distribution to other government departments, other divisions of the ministry, and Regional Commissioners, of information on air raids and other civil defence matters.

The Intelligence Branch was formed in May 1940 to collect, collate, and distribute information to enable the Ministry of Home Security to carry out its special responsibilities, supplement the information possessed by other ministries to help them perform their duties, and to promote morale. Information received in the Home Security War Room was supplemented by material derived from a variety of other sources. The branch also took over the indexing of foreign intelligence, work formerly performed by the Foreign Intelligence Branch. Contact was maintained with intelligence divisions of other ministries, and there was particularly close liaison with the Ministry of Information. The branch liaised with the Research and Experiments Department on operational matters and new forms of attack. The branch produced reports concerning morale, much of the material for these being supplied by regional intelligence officers working under the regional commissioners.

The files contained within this series relate primarily to the collation and distribution of information on the social impact of air raids and other civil defence matters. The initial sections of this series contain situation reports of individual air-raid attacks on specific locations, which, alongside other sources, formed the basis of the Home Security Daily Intelligence Reports in HO 203. Sample files from this section, including reports on the social impacts of bombing on certain areas, have been digitized as part of the regional selections for this resource. Files from HO 199/381 onwards contain nationwide reporting by, and correspondence with, various ministries and officials on subjects such as morale, the reception of both government and enemy propaganda, and communications and other intelligence matters; these files have been included in their entirety.

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