HLG 900 - Ministry of Health: Evacuation Schemes and Billeting Arrangements, Second World War, Specimens of Series of Documents Destroyed. Government Evacuation Scheme.

This series contains the files of the Ministry of Health that relate to the day-to-day administration of the government evacuation scheme, and other wartime activities of the department for the period 1938–1951.

The Ministry of Health was established in 1919 to bring together the medical and public health functions of central government, and to co-ordinate and supervise local health services in England and Wales. In 1938, at the height of planning for a potential evacuation programme, the ministry assumed responsibility for its implementation from the Air Raid Precautions Department of the Home Office. This was an enormous undertaking, and is reflected by the range of subjects discussed in the files. Examples of these include: the accommodation available in reception areas; food, transport, and bedding provisions for evacuees; the areas to be included or excluded for billeting; the requisitioning of empty houses for accommodation for evacuees; the processing and granting of applications for billeting allowances; and much more.

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