HLG 82 - Ministry of Works and Buildings, Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey, Reports and Papers.

This series contains the reports and summaries of reports by the Nuffield College Social Reconstruction Survey, together with related correspondence, circulated papers, and the memoranda of the Ministry of Works and Buildings, the Ministry of Works and Planning, and the Ministry of Town and Country Planning.

Although an unofficial body, the Social Reconstruction Survey received funding from the Treasury and, in return, prepared reports at the request of government departments for official inquiries. In 1941–42, the survey was asked to undertake an enquiry on behalf of the Ministry of Works and Buildings into the effects of the war upon the distribution of industry and population, the work of public social services, and living conditions, as well as the bearing of these factors on the general problem of social and economic reorganisation, and on the practical efficacy of local government institutions and voluntary organisations.

Topics covered in these reports are vast, and include: a geographical description of the study area; trends in migration and the effect on populations; the effects of air raids and bomb damage on population density; analyses of employment statistics; the effect of the war on industry; and localised studies of the nature and location of industry in the area.

Geographically broad, the survey covered all major regions of the United Kingdom. Despite ceasing in its function by 1943, the survey's sub-committees on education, local government, and social services continued to meet, and published books and pamphlets until December 1947.

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