ED 136/111-128 – Board of Education and successors, Private Office, Files and Papers: Evacuation papers.

ED 136 contains the records of the Private Office of the Board of Education, from which the subseries "Evacuation" has been selected for this resource. During the Second World War, evacuation was a major function of the board, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, as the government evacuation scheme primarily centred around the care of schoolchildren. Its principal remit was to guide Local Education Authorities in dealing with the problems arising from the evacuation scheme, including the communal feeding of school children, the provision of healthcare, makeshift arrangements for classrooms, the use of school buildings by the Armed Forces, air raid precautions in the classroom, and the recruitment of educational staff.

Files from this subseries contain the minutes of various Evacuation Advisory Committees, plans for evacuation overseas, the coordination of logistical arrangements with the Ministry of Health and Local Education Authorities, and inspections of the conditions faced by evacuees across various reception areas.

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