CAB 74 – War Cabinet, Food Policy Committee, Minutes and Papers.

This series contains minutes and papers of the Food Policy Committees and its various sub-committees.

The Food Policy Committee was formed in October 1939, initially (until April 1940) as a ministerial sub-committee on food policy of the Home Policy Committee. The ministerial committee was chaired by Sir Samuel Hoare, and thereafter (from May 1940) by Clement Attlee, both in their capacity as Lord Privy Seal. This was paralleled by an official committee chaired by Sir Horace J. Wilson (Permanent Secretary to the Treasury).

The ministerial committee initially dealt with the administrative arrangements for rationing, including home production, the position of food supplies and food consumption, agricultural productivity, incentives for farmers, and the British diet. However, wider questions of subsidies and shipping resources were involved, and there was a good degree of overlap with the Economic Policy Committee.

The official committee lapsed in May 1940, with the ministerial committee continuing until April 1942, when the Lord President became chairman. Thereafter, the work of the Food Policy Committee was absorbed into the Lord President's Committee, the records of which can be consulted in CAB 71.

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