Foreign Office Departments

Department Name Region of Responsibility Department Alternative Names Department Head and Tenure
Western Department East Germany, Berlin, West Germany Western and Southern Department,1952-1954 Sir Nicolas J.A. Cheetham, 1952-1954
    Western Department, 1954-1962 Sir Patrick F. Hancock, 1954-1955
    Central Department, 1962-1963 Sir Charles H. Johnston, 1955-1956
    Western European Department, 1968 onwards Sir Patrick F. Hancock, 1956-1959
      Sir Edward E. Tomkins, 1959-1962
      Sir W. Bernard J. Ledwidge, 1863-1965
      Sir Alan H. Campbell, 1965-1967
      Hugh T. Morgan, 1967-1970
      John K. Drinkall, 1970-1971
      Sir Cynlais (Kenneth) M. James, 1971-1975
      Sir A. David S. Goodall, 1975-1979
      David A. S. Gladstone, 1979-1982
      Sir Andrew M. Wood, 1982-1983
      Sir Michael J. Llewellyn-Smith, 1983-1985
      Sir David J.M. Dain, 1985-1989
      Sir Hilary N.H. Synnott, 1989-1991
Northern Department Soviet Union, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe except for Yugoslavia, Albania, and East Germany Harry Hohler, 1951-1956
      Lord Thomas Brimelow, 1956-1960
      R. Heath Mason, 1960-1963
      Sir J. Nicholas Henderson, 1963
      Sir Howard F.T. Smith, 1964-1968
Central Department East Germany, Berlin, West Germany Central Department, 1952-1954 Sir W. Dennis Allen, 1952-1953
    Central Department, 1962-1968 Sir Patrick F. Hancock, 1953-1954
      Sir Edward E. Tomkins, 1962-1963
      Sir Derek S.L. Dodson, 1963-1966 
      Alan E. Davison, 1966-1968
Eastern European and Soviet Department   Eastern European and Soviet Department, 1968-1983 Sir C. Sydney R. Giffard, 1968-1971
    Eastern European Department, 1983-1991 Sir Julian L. Bullard, 1971-1975
      Sir Bryan G. Cartledge, 1975-1977
      Sir Kenneth B.A. Scott, 1977-1979
      Sir Christopher L.G. Mallaby, 1979-1980
      Sir Brian J.P. Fall, 1980-1981
      Sir Nigel H.R.A. Broomfield, 1981-1983
      Sir John A. Birch, 1983-1986
      Sir Anthony St.J. H. Figgis, 1986-1988
      Christopher Hulse, 1988-1992
Soviet Department Soviet Union Soviet Department, 1983-1992 Sir Nigel H.R.A. Broomfield, 1983-1985
      Sir Michael J. Llewellyn-Smith, 1985-1987
      Simon N.P. Hemans 1987-1990
Southern Department Albania, Yugoslavia Southern Department, 1954-1961 William H. Young, 1954-1957
    Southern Europe, 1968-1974 Sir John M. Addis, 1957-1960
    Southern Europe, 1975-2001 Sir Roderick F.G. Sarell, 1960-1961
      Robert H.G. Edmonds, 1968-1969
      Sir Reginald L. Seconde, 1969-1972
      Alan Brooke Turner, 1972-1973
      Sir Alan C. Goodison, 1973-1976
      Ian S. Winchester, 1976-1978
      Sir Timothy L.A. Daunt, 1978-1981
      Lord Wilson of Tillyorn, 1981-1984
      Richard A. Neilson, 1984-1987
      Sir Michael C.S. Weston, 1987-1990
Information Research Department   Information Research Department, 1948-1977 Sir F. Ralph H. Murray, 1948-1951
    Overseas Information, 1977-1980 Sir John H. Peck, 1951-1953
    Information, 1980-2000 Sir John O. Rennie, 1953-1980
      Sir Donald C. Hopson, 1958-1962
      Christopher F.R. Barclay, 1962-1966
      Nigel D. Clive, 1966-1969
      Kenneth R. Crook, 1969-1971
      Thomas C. Barker, 1971-1975
      Sir Raymond W. Whitney, 1976-1980
      James N. Allan, 1978-1980
      Keith G. MacInnes, 1980-1983
      Sir Terence J. Clark, 1983-1985
      Peter R.M. Hinchcliffe, 1985-1987
      Richard J.S. Muir, 1987-1990


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