Reference MAF 67/97
Title Food Control Committees Selected Minutes. London. City of Westminster
Government Department Ministry of Food
Themes Rationing and Supply, Domestic Life;
Subthemes Agriculture and food supply, Rationing, licensing, and price control, Eating and cooking, Enforcement and regulation
Document Types Meeting Minutes, Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations London, Westminster
Organisations City Councils, Civil Defence Service, Enforcement Sub-Committee, Food Control Committee, Home Guard


A file of documents relating to the City of Westminster Food Control Committee. Subjects covered in the file include the administration of the committee, including the recruitment of staff, its financial arrangements, and plans for future committee meetings; the licensing of catering, retail, and residential establishments and institutions, including street traders, canteens, cafés, restaurants, clubs, and shops; and commodity food provisions, including dairy, meat, sugar, fruit, bread, fish, and potatoes. Other subjects discussed include the provision of ration documents and emergency food supplies; prosecutions for the infringement of rationing orders; the maximum prices of rationed foods; the provision of ration books; the domestic and foreign sourcing of food; special provisions for the holidays; the establishment of cooking classes and demonstrations; the preservation of food; and special provisions for certain groups, including manufacturers, workers, Home Guard and civil defence personnel, and those with special diets.


accommodation, administration, air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, alcohol, aliens, bacon, beans, biscuits, bomb damage, bread, business, butter, cakes, canning, cereals, charity, cheese, chocolate, Christmas, cinemas, civil consumption, civil defence, cocoa, coffee, committee members, communal feeding, communications, confectionary, coupons, cream, dairy, demographics, disease, distribution, Easter, education, eggs, electricity, emergency procedures, employment, fats, finance, fish, food preparation, food processing, food shortages, food supplies, fruit, government committees, holidays, honey, Hungarian nationals, hunting, imports, industrial workers, industry, infrastructure, Italian nationals, Jews, labour supply, law, lawyers, licensing, livestock, local authorities, margarine, material supplies, meals, meat, milk, nuts, oats, offences, office workers, onions, oranges, overseas trade, peas, police, pork, potatoes, poultry, preserves, price controls, prices, printing, prosecution, public health, ration books, rationing, recreation, recruitment, refugees, resignations, restaurants, retail, schools, statistics, sugar, tea, telephonic communications, transportation, unrationed foods, vegetables, voluntary organisations

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