Reference MAF 59/113
Title Women's Land Army. Minutes of Committees. Warwick County Committee
Government Department Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Themes Rationing and Supply, Domestic Life
Subthemes Agriculture and food supply, Labour supply and relations, Publicity campaigns and initiatives, Health and welfare
Document Types Meeting Minutes, Reports and Surveys
Civil Defence Regions Region 9: Midlands (Birmingham HQ)
Locations Canada, United States of America, Warwick, Warwickshire
Organisations Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts, Entertainments National Service Association, Shelter Welfare Sub-Committee, War Agricultural Executive Committees, Women's Land Army


A file of documents relating to the meetings of the Warwickshire Women's Land Army (W.L.A.) County Committee and its Welfare Sub-Committee between 1942 and 1947. Subjects covered in the file include the administration of the committee; the labour position of volunteer girls, including unemployment, dismissals, and resignations; the working conditions of volunteers, including the requirement for medical examinations, holidays such as Christmas leave, compensation for accidents, and proficiency tests; the training of volunteers, including instruction in milking and working as a forewomen; and the provision of accommodation for volunteers, including hostels and rest-break houses. Other subjects discussed include the promotion of the W.L.A. through publicity campaigns, including rallies and literature; domestic provisions including bicycles, cosmetics, and quilts; clothing provisions for volunteers, including uniforms and wedding dresses; entertainment and recreation provisions, including clubs, health lectures, drama, homecraft and cookery classes, parties, and films; and the post-war plans for the W.L.A., including demobilisation.


accommodation, administration, agricultural equipment, agricultural production, agriculture, amenities, bedding, bicycles, billeting, Christmas, clothing, colleges, committee members, communications, compensation, conferences, conscription, coupons, culture, dairy, death rate, demobilisation, depots, disability, disease, distribution, education, employment, entertainment, family, female labour, film, finance, fires, food preparation, food supplies, fuel, gardens, government committees, harvests, healthcare, holidays, hospitals, hostels, hot water, housing, imports, industrial accidents, industrial workers, industry, infants, labour supply, land usage, literature, local authorities, maps, marriage, maternity, meals, milk, motor vehicles, music, nurses, overseas trade, part-time employment, personal income, petrol, ploughing, posters, post-war planning, prisoners of war, propaganda, public demonstrations, public health, public morale, publicity, rationing, recreation, recruitment, resignations, royalty, rural areas, sanitation, statistics, surveys, taxation, textiles, theatre, timber, tractors, transportation, tuberculosis, unemployment, universities, vocational training, voluntary organisations, volunteers, wages, weather, welfare, winter, wives, working conditions, working hours, youths

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