Reference MAF 59/27
Title Women's Land Army. Second World War. Correspondence and papers. Post-war organisation
Former Department Reference SL. 68428
Government Department Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Themes Rationing and Supply, Preparations for War and Peace
Subthemes Agriculture and food supply, Post-war planning, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Official Correspondence, Memoranda, Meeting Minutes
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Breconshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire, Cheshire, Denbighshire, Derbyshire, Dorset, Ely, Essex, Flintshire, Glamorganshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, London, Middlesex, Monmouthshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Pembrokeshire, Radnorshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire
Organisations Agricultural Executive Committees, Auxiliary Territorial Service, National Farmers' Union, National Union of Agricultural Workers, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Women's Auxiliary Air Force, Women's Land Army, Women's Royal Naval Service, Women's Timber Corps


A file containing documents relating to the post-war organisation of the Women's Land Army. Documents in the file include correspondence and memoranda discussing policy; a New Year's letter from the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries to members of the Women's Land Army; and an extract from Hansard on the organisation's future. Topics covered in the documents include the release of members of the Women's Land Army following the end of the war; the post-war relaxation of labour controls; the need for the Women's Land Army in agricultural work after the end of the war; and statistics on the strength of the Women's Land Army. Other topics covered include proposals for the reorganisation of the Women's Land Army and the amalgamation of its county offices; complaints about the proposed reorganisations; the rates of pay for employees in each county; and the location and staffing of amalgamated county offices.


accommodation, administration, agricultural production, agricultural workers, agriculture, clothing, coupons, employment, female labour, finance, holidays, hostels, labour shortages, labour supply, post-war planning, recruitment, statistics, trade unions, transportation, uniforms, volunteers, wages, welfare, working conditions

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