Reference MAF 59/8
Title Women's Land Army. Second World War. Correspondence and papers. Recruitment of auxiliary forces for seasonal work
Former Department Reference SL. 58852
Government Department Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Themes Rationing and Supply
Subthemes Labour supply and relations, Agriculture and food supply
Document Types Official Correspondence, Miscellaneous, Letters and Statements from the Public
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Balcombe, Kent, London, Pembrokeshire
Organisations National Farmers' Union, War Agricultural Executive Committees, Women's Land Army, Young Women's Christian Association


A file containing documents relating to the recruitment of a Women's Land Army Auxiliary Force to be employed in seasonal agricultural work at various points throughout the war. Documents in the file include correspondence and memoranda on a variety of related topics; a draft recruitment leaflet; application forms for both volunteers and farmers; and a letter from a farmer in Pembrokeshire concerned about labour shortages. Topics covered in the documents include issues with providing accommodation on a large scale; the financing of the scheme, including wages, travel expenses, and the reimbursement of farmers; the process of recruitment; and the arrangements for training volunteers. Other topics include propaganda arrangements, including the use of films; statistical estimates for the projected demand for labour; the opinions of the National Farmers' Union on the scheme; and a suggestion to form a Youth Labour Corps.


accommodation, agricultural production, agricultural workers, agriculture, cinemas, clothing, employment, farmers, female labour, film, finance, hostels, infrastructure, Irish nationals, labour shortages, labour supply, posters, printing, propaganda, publications, railways, recruitment, students, teachers, trade unions, transportation, uniforms, universities, vocational training, volunteers, wages, women's auxiliary services, working hours, youths

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