Reference MAF 102/5
Title Kitchen front broadcasts. Part IV
Former Department Reference FA/1064/2
Government Department Ministry of Food
Themes Rationing and Supply, Domestic Life, Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes Eating and cooking, News and information channels, Agriculture and food supply, Rationing, licensing, and price control
Document Types Film and Broadcast Transcripts
Locations Australia, Birmingham, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, London, New Zealand, Newcastle upon Tyne, Spain, Yorkshire
Organisations British Army, British Broadcasting Corporation, Merchant Navy, Red Cross, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, Women's Auxiliary Air Force, Women's Institute, Women's Royal Naval Service, Women's Voluntary Service


A file containing radio broadcast transcripts of the B.B.C. series Kitchen Front. Topics covered in the transcripts include recipes for a variety of meals under the pressures of wartime; information about the government's food-rationing policy, especially when changes come into force; tips on healthcare and nutrition; and advice for using wartime substitutes for various foodstuffs. Other topics discussed include the anatomy of digestion; seasonal recipes for Christmas; the work of the Red Cross in sending food to British prisoners of war; a segment on the role of men in the kitchen; information on Food Advice Centres; tips for the nutritional requirements of pregnant women, children, and the elderly; advice on how to use food grown in gardens and allotments; recipes from foreign countries and minority ethnic groups; and reports on the ways in which the military are fed.


agriculture, air force personnel, air raids, alcohol, allotments, apples, artichokes, bacon, beans, beef, beets, birth rate, bread, British Restaurants, broccoli, bronchitis, butter, cabbage, cakes, Canadian nationals, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cereals, cheese, chickens, children, Christmas, civil consumption, cocoa, coffee, communal feeding, dairy, death rate, demographics, disease, domestic equipment, Dutch nationals, eggs, family, fats, fish, fishing, flour, food preparation, food processing, fruit, gardens, healthcare, holidays, industrial workers, industry, influenza, Jews, Kitchen Front, leeks, livestock, marrows, maternity, meals, meat, military rations, milk, mothers, mutton, naval personnel, nutrition, nuts, old age, onions, oranges, parents, pigs, pneumonia, Polish nationals, pork, poultry, preserves, prisoners of war, public opinion, pumpkins, radio broadcasts, ration books, rationing, recipes, retail, rhubarb, rice, soldiers, spinach, sugar, swedes, tea, tomatoes, turkeys, turnips, United States nationals, vegetables, wastage

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