Reference MAF 102/3
Title Kitchen front broadcasts. Part II
Former Department Reference FA/1064/2
Government Department Ministry of Food
Themes Rationing and Supply, Domestic Life, Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes Agriculture and food supply, Rationing, licensing, and price control, Eating and cooking, News and information channels
Document Types Film and Broadcast Transcripts
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Iceland, Poland, Soviet Union, Ukraine, United States of America
Organisations British Broadcasting Corporation, Home Guard, Merchant Navy, Women's Voluntary Service


A file of radio broadcast scripts of the B.B.C. radio programme The Kitchen Front between January and December 1941. Subjects discussed in the file include the provision of ration books; the prices of commodity foods; buying advice for consumers, including shopping lists; the issue of food shortages; quick recipes for those in full-time employment; the need to save food through the use of leftovers in dishes; and recipes for housewives including soups, pies, puddings, cakes, breakfast meals, Christmas dishes, substitute dishes, and foreign dishes from the Allied nations and the British Empire. Other subjects covered include the provision of nutritional foods for children, including special milk rations; the provision of extra rations for ill people; the need for adults to consume nutritional foods to maintain good health; the storage and preservation of food such as fruit; and the growing of herbs and vegetables at home.


administration, agricultural production, agriculture, alcohol, alcoholic spirits, Allied nations, allotments, allowances, amenities, apples, bacon, baking, bananas, barley, beans, beef, beer, berries, biscuits, bread, British Empire, British Restaurants, Brussels sprouts, butter, cabbage, cakes, canning, carrots, cattle, cauliflower, celery, cereals, cheese, chemicals, children, chocolate, Christmas, civil consumption, civil defence, civil service, cocoa, communal feeding, communications, confectionary, construction, coupons, culture, currants, Czechoslovak nationals, dairy, disease, distribution, doctors, domestic equipment, domestic work, Easter, eggs, electricity, emergency procedures, entertainment, evacuees, family, farmers, fats, female labour, finance, fish, flour, food preparation, food processing, food shortages, food supplies, fruit, fuel, gardens, gas, gender relations, healthcare, holidays, honey, imports, infants, iron, labour supply, livestock, local authorities, margarine, maternity, meals, meat, metals, milk, mothers, music, mustard, mutton, nutrition, oats, offences, oil, onions, oranges, overseas trade, paper, parents, pigeons, Polish nationals, pork, postal communications, potatoes, poultry, preserves, price controls, prices, prisoners of war, propaganda, public health, rabbits, radio, radio broadcasts, rationing, recipes, recreation, reserve stocks, restaurants, retail, royalty, sanitation, savings, schools, soldiers, sugar, surplus, swedes, tea, tomatoes, tuberculosis, unrationed foods, veal, vegetables, vermin, wages, wastage, waste disposal, water supply, weather, welfare, wheat, winter, wives

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