Reference LAB 6/83
Title Man-power Priority Committee. 4th meeting
Former Department Reference N.S.8387/30
Government Department Ministry of Labour and National Service
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence, Industry and Infrastructure
Subthemes Reserved occupations, Conscription, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Official Correspondence, Meeting Minutes, Memoranda
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Organisations Man Power (Priority) Sub-Committee


A file of documents relating to the reservation of occupations. Subjects discussed in the file include the definition of "protected" and "national" work, including lists of the industries belonging to these categories; arrangements for personnel management and workshop consultation; the establishment of a minimum notice period for the termination of employment on either side; procedures for dealing with absentees; and the need to provide an adequate supply of labour for national work. Other subjects covered in the file include working conditions, including wages, grounds for termination, and grounds for suspension due to misconduct; welfare provisions, including housing, feeding, and transport; the constitution and procedures of industrial tribunals, including procedures for compensation requests, the refusal to give permission to leave work, and appeals on the grounds of hardship; and the compulsory registration of men and eligible women for employment, including those reserved from military service.


absenteeism, accommodation, administration, agricultural production, agriculture, amenities, cereals, coal, coke, compensation, conscription, construction, construction materials, distribution, electricity, employment, factories, female labour, flour, food supplies, freight shipping, fuel, gas, housing, industrial equipment, industrial production, industrial workers, industry, infrastructure, iron, labour shortages, labour supply, meals, metals, milling, mining, poverty, public transport, railways, recruitment, reserved occupations, roads, skilled labour, transportation, tribunals, water supply, welfare, working conditions

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