Reference LAB 6/77
Title Man-power Priority Committee. Sub-Committee on the Schedule of Reserved Occupations. 2nd meeting
Former Department Reference N.S.8387/68
Government Department Ministry of Labour and National Service
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence, Industry and Infrastructure
Subthemes Reserved occupations, Conscription, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Organisations Admiralty, Fleet Air Arm, Man Power (Priority) Sub-Committee, Royal Air Force, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Navy, Sub-Committee on the Schedule of Reserved Occupations


A file of documents relating to the waiver and recruitment of certain occupations for service in the armed forces. Subjects discussed in the file include the relaxation of the conscription schedule for coalminers; a proposal to allow the waiver of civil servants who volunteered for aircrew duties for the Royal Air Force as pilots, navigators, and bombers; the exclusion of civil servants from acceptance into the Royal Armoured Corps as tank crewmen; and the difficulty of the recruitment of shipwrights by the Royal Navy due to the small number of the specially-skilled workers. Other subjects discussed include the recruitment of aircrews from shipyards and other industries of interest to the Admiralty; a proposal to allow the waiver of men in certain occupations in the agricultural industry from volunteering for the armed forces, due to labour shortages; a proposal for the individual waiver of certain railway workers; and plans for further action.


administration, agricultural equipment, agricultural production, agriculture, air force personnel, civil service, coal, conscription, distribution, drainage, employment, fuel, industrial production, industrial workers, industry, infrastructure, labour shortages, labour supply, miners, mining, motor vehicles, munitions, railways, recruitment, reserved occupations, seeds, shipbuilding, skilled labour, transportation, volunteers

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