Reference LAB 6/53
Title Man-power Priority Committee. Sub-Committee on the Schedule of Reserved Occupations. 19th meeting
Former Department Reference N.S.8387/22
Government Department Ministry of Labour and National Service
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence, Industry and Infrastructure
Subthemes Reserved occupations, Conscription, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Meeting Minutes, Official Correspondence, Memoranda
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Organisations Agricultural Research Council, British Army, Man Power (Priority) Sub-Committee, Pioneer Corps, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Observer Corps, Sub-Committee on the Schedule of Reserved Occupations


A file of documents relating to the reservation of occupations. Subjects covered in the file include the release of earmarked men for service in the Royal Air Force; the age of reservation, including the raising of the age for certain occupations; and the reservation of certain occupations. These occupations include whiting manufacturers; knacker-men; glass-packers; file manufacturers; hairdressers; oxygen therapists; cement manufacturers; cargo supervisors; river-maintainers; dental mechanics; window-blind makers; coal merchants who mainly drive vehicles; public utility repairers; metal machinists; Agricultural Research Council scientists; salvage workers; typecutters and type-casters; roller-engravers and block-cutters; carpet, rug, and felt manufacturers; and wire workers. Other subjects discussed include the recruitment of civil servants, teachers, and lawyers into the armed forces as clerical workers or pioneers; the deferment of conscription; and the conscription of clerical workers into the Army and the R.A.F., as clerks and radio operators.


administration, age of conscription, age of reservation, agriculture, air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, amenities, blackout, bomb damage, business, canals, civil defence, civil service, coal, communications, conscription, construction, construction materials, dentists, employment, factories, fuel, furnishings, healthcare, industrial production, industrial workers, industry, infrastructure, labour shortages, labour supply, lawyers, metals, motor vehicles, office workers, part-time employment, public health, radio, recruitment, repair, reserved occupations, rivers, salvage, science, skilled labour, teachers, textiles, transportation, unskilled labour

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