Reference LAB 6/17
Title Call-up of agricultural workers
Former Department Reference M.1691 Part III
Government Department Ministry of Labour and National Service
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence, Rationing and Supply
Subthemes Conscription, Agriculture and food supply, Labour supply and relations, Reserved occupations
Document Types Official Correspondence, Meeting Minutes, Advertisements, Pamphlets, and Posters
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Montgomeryshire, Norfolk, Okehampton, Wrexham, Yorkshire
Organisations Agricultural Executive Committees, British Army, National Farmers' Union, National Union of Agricultural Workers, Women's Land Army
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A file containing documents relating to the call-up of agricultural workers for National Service, and arrangements for the processes relating to deferment of call-up. Documents in the file include correspondence on the conscription of agricultural workers; drafts of memoranda and statements outlining policy; and an extract from Hansard with parliamentary discussion of the topic. Topics covered by the documents include the process of finding substitutes for agricultural workers called up after an initial period of deferment; reports of particular cases relating to the replacement of lost agricultural workers; the reluctance of farmers to accept substitutes; and the suspension of call-up over the harvest season. Other topics discussed include methods for expediting the process of medical examination of agricultural workers who are called up; the effect of National Service on food production; cases of small holdings where food production is insignificant; and an exceptional case of a farm with more than ten employees asking for deferment.


agricultural equipment, agricultural production, agricultural workers, agriculture, cattle, conscription, dairy, drivers, employment, farmers, finance, healthcare, labour shortages, labour supply, livestock, milk, newspapers, pigs, prisoners of war, publications, recruitment, regional newspapers, reserved occupations, sheep, statistics, tractors, trade unions

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