Reference LAB 6/14
Title Discharge of prisoners claiming to be conscientious objectors - procedure - consultations with Service Departments
Former Department Reference M.2160
Government Department Ministry of Labour and National Service
Themes Preparations for War and Peace, Social Relations, Military Activity and Home Defence
Subthemes Conscription, Political movements and disruption
Document Types Official Correspondence, Miscellaneous, Press Summaries and Publications
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Cardiff, Colwyn Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne, Rochdale, West Hartlepool
Organisations British Army, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Artillery
Notes The following article(s) have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Manchester Guardian, 15 October 1942, Objectors in Prison.


A file containing documents relating to the procedure for dealing with conscientious objectors under section 13 of the National Service (Armed Forces) Act 1939. Documents in the file include correspondence between government officials, local officers, the Central Board for Conscientious Objectors, and others; drafts of forms relating to the procedure, including requests for information from men who failed to sign up and a form ordering release from prison; and copies of parliamentary acts relating to conscientious objection. Topics covered by the documents include the re-enlistment of men for non-combatant duties; the expenses of witnesses appearing at tribunals; and precise legal definitions. Other topics include legal representation at tribunals; the issue of men serving whole prison sentences before their tribunal has occurred; and examples of cases that require extra attention, including one man who was accused of joining the Jehovah's Witnesses solely to register as a conscientious objector.


absenteeism, conscientious objectors, conscription, court martial, deserters, imprisonment, Jehovah's Witnesses, law, lawyers, military discharge, military officers, pacifism, prisons, regional newspapers, soldiers, trade unions, tribunals, volunteers

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