Reference INF 6/655
Title The Nine hundred (Yugo-Slav resistance movement) 1945
Former Department Reference Folder No. MI 468
Government Department Ministry of Information
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Military Activity and Home Defence, Social Relations
Subthemes Publicity campaigns and initiatives, Political movements and disruption
Document Types Film and Broadcast Transcripts, Miscellaneous
Locations Edinburgh, Italy, London, Yugoslavia
Organisations Royal Air Force, Women's Land Army


A file relating to the production of the wartime documentary film The Nine Hundred, released in 1945 by the Ministry of Information. The film documents a rescue mission in German-occupied Yugoslavia, and the Yugoslav resistance against the Germans. The file contains an invitation to screenings of the film; a synopsis of the film; a shooting script; production credits; documents relating to the film's licensing and distribution; and documents connected with the release and production of the film.


agricultural production, agriculture, air force personnel, aircraft, airfields, bomb damage, children, civilian casualties, film, food supplies, housing, infrastructure, malnutrition, medical supplies, military casualties, munitions, railways, resistance movements, soldiers, Soviet nationals, transportation, United States nationals, Yugoslav nationals

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