Reference INF 6/533
Title Decontamination of Streets (street safety after bombing) 1942
Former Department Reference Folder No. MI 264
Government Department Ministry of Information
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Military Activity and Home Defence, Bombing and Attacks on the Population
Subthemes Publicity campaigns and initiatives, Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence, Reconstruction and salvage
Document Types Film and Broadcast Transcripts, Miscellaneous
Organisations Ministry of Home Security


A file relating to the production of the wartime documentary film Decontamination of Streets, released in 1942 by the Ministry of Information for the Ministry of Home Security. The film addresses the methods by which decontamination squads would deal with the aftermath of gas attacks in order to make the area safe. The file contains a shooting script; a shot list; a music cue sheet; production credits; and documents relating to the film's licensing and distribution.


air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid wardens, chemicals, civil defence, clothing, decontamination, drivers, film, fires, gas, gas attacks, gas masks, gas protection, housing, reconstruction

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