Reference INF 6/344
Title United Nations Day 1942
Former Department Reference Folder No. CFU 218
Government Department Ministry of Information
Themes Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes News and information channels, Publicity campaigns and initiatives
Document Types Film and Broadcast Transcripts, Miscellaneous, Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Region 6: Southern (Reading HQ)
Locations Aylesbury, West Indies
Organisations British Army, Civil Defence Service, Crown Film Unit, Merchant Navy, National Fire Service, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, United Nations


A file relating to the production of the wartime government film United Nations Day, released in 1942 by the Ministry of Information and the Crown Film Unit. The film addresses the first observance of United Nations Day in Aylesbury. The file contains a commentary script; music cue sheets; and documents relating to the film's licensing and distribution, including the payment for the licensing of the music.


agricultural production, agriculture, aircraft, air-raid precautions, air-raid wardens, Australian nationals, British Empire, Burmese nationals, Canadian nationals, civil defence, clothing, culture, distribution, female labour, film, finance, fire services, first aid, fishing, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George VI, Indian nationals, industrial production, industry, international agreements, Irish nationals, labour supply, licensing, local authorities, Maltese nationals, merchant seamen, munitions, music, New Zealand nationals, police, propaganda, public morale, Queen Elizabeth, rescue, royalty, South African nationals, textiles, United States nationals, Winston Churchill, women's auxiliary services

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