Reference HO 262/16
Title Special surveys on war and post-war matters
Former Department Reference 1042
Government Department Ministry of Information
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Preparations for War and Peace
Subthemes Post-war planning, Public opinion and morale, Psychological impacts
Document Types Official Correspondence, Reports and Surveys, Letters and Statements from the Public
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations London, United States of America
Organisations Civil Defence Service, Home Guard
Notes The following article reprint has been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Occupational Psychology, July 1942, Psychology in War: The Military Work of American and German Psychologists.


A file of documents relating to special investigations by Home Intelligence on public attitudes toward the war and post-war reconstruction. Subjects covered in the file include a study from a University College London psychologist about public reactions during the war, including a study of the books that feature public accounts; expense claims for investigators, including the costs of travel, office equipment, and books; interviews concerning life during the war and the prospect for reconstruction; and further interviews concerning attitudes toward news-reporting, including news about the war, the home front, and domestic problems. Other subjects discussed include the exhibition of newsreels in cinemas; an investigation of attitudes toward education; and attitudes toward issues of reconstruction, including the British economy, social welfare provisions, education, housing, central government, international relations, and military affairs. Documents in the file include a report about the work of German and American psychologists concerning the impact of war.


administration, agriculture, air raids, airfields, Beveridge Report, blackout, books, British economy, cinemas, civil defence, clothing, coal, coastal areas, conscription, Conservative Party, crime, demobilisation, disease, domestic work, education, employment, evacuation, factories, family, film, finance, fire services, flying bombs, food preparation, food shortages, food supplies, former servicemen, fuel, gardens, grants, healthcare, hot water, housing, identity cards, industry, infrastructure, intelligence, interviews, Irish nationals, labour shortages, labour supply, laundry, local authorities, looting, maps, military operations, motor vehicles, newspapers, offences, overseas trade, pensions, personal income, petrol, photography, postal communications, post-war planning, propaganda, prosecution, public health, public houses, public morale, public opinion, public transport, publicity, publishing, ration books, rationing, recreation, recruitment, rental properties, repair, rural areas, science, soldiers, sport, standard of living, surveys, taxation, textiles, transportation, unemployment, universities, voluntary organisations, wages, welfare, Winston Churchill, working hours, youths

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