Reference HO 262/10
Title Aliens in Britain: reports, minutes and correspondence
Former Department Reference 51 pt.A
Government Department Ministry of Information
Themes Social Relations
Subthemes Foreign nationals and newcomers, Social identities and divisions
Document Types Press Summaries and Publications, Reports and Surveys, Memoranda, Letters and Statements from the Public
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Germany, Holloway, Worthing
Organisations Advisory Council on Aliens, British Broadcasting Corporation, House of Commons, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy
Notes The following article(s) have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: Daily Express, 08 April 1940, Sailors Lured to Cafes by Aliens; Daily Express, 19 April 1940, Suspect Mr Smith; Sunday Dispatch, 07 April 1940, The Great Aliens Scandal - Our Money for Communist Propaganda; Sunday Dispatch, 21 April 1940, Our Guests - and Others; Sussex Daily News, 17 April 1940, Refugee as Teacher; Sussex Daily News, unknown date, Aliens "Menace" at Worthing; The Economist, 07 March 1940, Enemy Aliens; The Times, 01 November 1939, The Dark Age, German Witnesses in England; The Times, 16 April 1940, Women Enemy Aliens at Worthing; The Times, 19 April 1940, Aliens Cases Reviewed; The Times, 24 April 1940 ,To the Editor of the Times; The Times, unknown date, Alien Refugees, Propaganda and the Facts.
Article(s) from Daily Herald © Mirrorpix.
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Article(s) from Evening Standard © Evening Standard.
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Article(s) from Sheffield Daily Telegraph © Sheffield Telegraph.
Article(s) from The Daily Telegraph reproduced with permission of Telegraph Media Group Limited.
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A file of documents relating to the reception of aliens by the public in the United Kingdom. Subjects covered in the file include public reactions to the increase of restrictions on aliens; the influence of German propaganda; the position of Christian officials and organisations on refugees fleeing Nazi persecution; the banning of aliens at ports; the activities of refugee clubs; a case of a German youth filming a plane crash; the conditions inside internment camps; and anti-alien sentiment, including the perception of aliens taking jobs away from British workers, and accusations of Nazi espionage and communist activities. Documents in the file include newspaper clippings about the reception of aliens; mass observation reports on aliens, including public attitudes dependent on social class and gender; extracts from postal censors concerning activities and attitudes toward refugees; and accounts from Jewish refugees about German concentration camps, and their use as propaganda against Nazism.


agricultural production, agriculture, aircraft, airports, alcohol, aliens, Austrian nationals, British Empire, buses, charity, children, coastal areas, communications, Communism, concentration camps, conscientious objectors, culture, Czechoslovak nationals, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Danish nationals, deportation, discrimination, domestic work, Dutch nationals, education, emergency procedures, emigration, employment, espionage, family, Fascism, film, fishing, German nationals, identity cards, immigration, infrastructure, intelligence, internment, Jews, labour supply, law, local authorities, marriage, Members of Parliament, merchant seamen, migration, motor vehicles, newspapers, passenger shipping, police, ports, postal communications, prisoners of war, propaganda, protected areas, public morale, public opinion, public transport, race relations, radio, radio broadcasts, refugees, religion, repatriation, secrecy, Sir John Anderson, social class, standard of living, teachers, transportation, travel restrictions, unemployment, voluntary organisations, volunteers, welfare, wives, youths

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