Reference HO 262/8
Title Fascism: Regional Officers' reports
Former Department Reference 49/3
Government Department Ministry of Information
Themes Social Relations, Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes Political movements and disruption, Public opinion and morale
Document Types Official Correspondence, Reports and Surveys, Advertisements, Pamphlets, and Posters
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Isle of Man, Shoreham, Yorkshire
Organisations Peace Pledge Union
Article(s) from Manchester Guardian © Guardian News & Media Ltd. 2018.
Article(s) from News Chronicle © Associated Newspapers/Solo Syndication.


A file of documents relating to intelligence reports on Fascist activities in Britain. Subjects covered in the file include the public reaction to an uprising of Fascist internees in an Isle of Man internment camp, including calls for capital punishment; the hardening of public opinion against anti-war organisations; the activities and public influence of Communists, the British Union of Fascists (B.U.F.), and the Peace Pledge Union; the distribution of Fascist pamphlets; relations between the Peace Pledge Union and the B.U.F.; the by-election candidacy of a B.U.F. member; and the problems of the labour, trade union, and co-operative parties. Documents in the file include newspaper clippings covering the arrest of an aristocratic Fascist and the wrecking of Oswald Mosley's meeting of Fascists; and B.U.F. propaganda materials, including pamphlets calling for the release of Mosley and promoting nationalism, pacifism, self-sufficiency, and racism against Jews and aliens.


administration, aliens, bacon, bomb damage, books, British Union of Fascists, butter, children, clothing, coal, Communism, Communist Party of Great Britain, conscientious objectors, dairy, discrimination, distribution, elections, employment, fascism, food shortages, food supplies, fuel, imports, industrial workers, industry, intelligence, internment, Jews, Labour Party, libraries, local authorities, Manchester Guardian, meat, miners, nationalism, newspapers, oil, old age, Oswald Mosley, overseas trade, pacifism, pensions, petrol, pork, prisoners of war, propaganda, public morale, public opinion, race relations, regional newspapers, schools, standard of living, unemployment, wages, welfare, youths

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