Reference HO 207/1069
Title REGIONS OUTSIDE LONDON (HEADQUARTERS' FILES): Region No 9 (Midland): Coventry: effect on morale of shopping difficulties etc., following intensive air raids
Former Department Reference COV/37/3
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Bombing and Attacks on the Population, Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes Damage to property, Public opinion and morale, Retail and consumer goods, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Official Correspondence, Meeting Minutes, Reports and Surveys
Civil Defence Regions Region 9: Midlands (Birmingham HQ)
Locations Coventry
Organisations Air Raid Precautions, Royal Air Force


A file of documents relating to factors affecting morale in Coventry. Subjects discussed in the file include difficulties with food shopping faced by employed women, due to a lack of time and few shops open outside of their working hours; proposals to establish temporary shops and canteens; the lack of entertainment facilities due to destruction by bombing; and the population's sense of neglect due to the lack of publicity after heavy air raids. Other subjects discussed include shortages in unrationed foods; the issue of absenteeism due to poor morale, including among transport conductors and factory workers; the issue of inflation due to the unavailability of commodities; issues in the transport system, including debris blockages and shortages in vehicles and personnel; and a proposal to camouflage Swanswell Pool to boost morale. Documents in the file include a report on the nightly exodus from the city, with details of the situation during and after the air raids.


absenteeism, accommodation, administration, air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, alcohol, beer, bicycles, billeting, bomb damage, British economy, British Restaurants, buses, cakes, civil defence, coal, committee members, communal feeding, demographics, depots, disease, distribution, domestic work, employment, entertainment, environment, evacuation, evacuees, factories, family, female labour, finance, food supplies, fruit, government committees, healthcare, homelessness, housing, industrial action, industrial workers, industry, inflation, infrastructure, labour supply, local authorities, marriage, material supplies, meals, meat, motor vehicles, munitions, munitions industry, preserves, price controls, prices, propaganda, public health, public houses, public morale, public transport, publicity, railways, rationing, recreation, retail, roads, rural areas, sport, surveys, traffic, transportation, unrationed foods, villages, wages, welfare, wives

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