Reference HO 207/392
Title REGION No 5 (LONDON): Welfare services' posters in shelters
Former Department Reference O/LR 15/15
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence, Domestic Life, Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes Publicity campaigns and initiatives, Health and welfare, Air raid shelters
Document Types Official Correspondence, Memoranda
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations Bethnal Green, London
Organisations Borough Councils


A file of documents relating to a mobile poster exhibition in a public air-raid shelter in Bethnal Green, London. Subjects covered in the file include a request for photographs of shelter conditions for the exhibition; a proposal to use photomontage in the posters; the rotation of posters every three nights; the need for the control of the propaganda posters for public morale; the use of shelter space for the exhibition; and the need to arouse the interest of the occupants. Other matters discussed include the subjects covered in the posters, including etiquette regarding smoking, undressing, quietness for reading, club activities, and children's play; the presentation of the exhibition, including assistance by architects; the assistance of volunteers in the shelter; and the procedures to be followed during and after the exhibition, including a publicity campaign and the fostering of community life in the shelter.


administration, advertising, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, amenities, architecture, bedding, censorship, childcare, children, clothing, communal feeding, entertainment, film, finance, government departments, healthcare, lighting, local authorities, mental health, photography, posters, propaganda, public health, public morale, public spaces, publicity, radio, radio broadcasts, recreation, religion, sanitation, tobacco, welfare

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