Reference HO 207/386
Title REGION No 5 (LONDON): Public shelters, tube stations and deep shelters: reports on welfare and general conditions
Former Department Reference O/LR 15 (Pts I & II)
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence, Domestic Life
Subthemes Air raid shelters, Health and welfare, Entertainment and culture
Document Types Memoranda, Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations London, South Africa, Soviet Union
Organisations Civil Defence Service, Home Guard, Local Councils, National Fire Service, National Savings Committee, Women's Voluntary Service
Notes The following article(s) have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The Illustrated London News, 29 July 1944, Sidelights on War - and the Peaceful Scene of Ruskins House.
We believe The Warren Mag to be free from copyright restrictions, but we invite anyone with information about this item and the copyright holder to contact us.


A file of documents concerning welfare provisions in air-raid shelters in the London region. Subjects covered in the file include the involvement of voluntary organisations in welfare work; the activities of youth clubs; the provision of amenities, including lighting, canteens, and bedding; entertainment provisions, including music and theatre; education provisions, including classes and libraries; the National Savings campaign; provisions for children, including play centres and zoo visits; and provisions for women, including sanitation and facilities for nursing mothers. Other subjects discussed include the administration of shelters, including welfare officer training; the control of crowds in the shelters; the issue of youth delinquency; sanitation issues, including disease and vermin; inspections of tube station shelters; a census of the number of night-time shelter occupants; the issue of shelter overcrowding; and the types of shelters available. Documents in the file include a copy of The Warren Mag featuring shelter occupant literature.


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