A file of documents relating to statistical progress reports on the provision of air-raid shelters in each local authority in the London region, including the inner and outer boroughs. Subjects discussed in the file include the day-time and night-time accommodation capacities of public air-raid shelters; the number, capacity, and distribution of basement air-raid shelters; and the number of persons for whom bunks are installed. The file also covers remarks on the data, on topics such as the suitability of the shelters for bunking, the reduction of the number of bunks due to rearrangements and temporary removals, the shelters' seating capacity, the inclusion of surface and communal shelters in the figures, reassessments of the numbers, the inclusion of terminal railway stations, the inclusion of school shelters, the need for replacements due to damage by fire, and the revision of the numbers due to dampness in the shelters.


accommodation, administration, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, amenities, bedding, censuses, construction, fires, infrastructure, local authorities, London Underground, public spaces, railway stations, railways, schools, statistics, surveys

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