A file containing documents relating to the progress of air-raid shelter provision in London. Documents in the file include a fortnightly progress report; statistics on shelter use in each local authority area; and statistics on the numbers of medical staff at shelters. Topics covered in the documents include the progress of securing additional shelters for public use; technical assistants being assigned to work with local authorities; the delivery of domestic Anderson shelters and new indoor shelters; and the employment of both male and female lavatory assistants in public shelters. Other topics discussed include the prevalence of diseases in public shelters; a comparison of the monthly death statistics with the previous year, with an analysis of their relationship with shelter living; the problem of mosquitoes at London Underground stations; and the release of a propaganda film entitled Atishoo designed to increase public awareness of health issues.


air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, bedding, censuses, death rate, diabetes, disease, doctors, film, first aid, food supplies, furnishings, healthcare, influenza, labour supply, local authorities, London Underground, measles, nurses, pneumonia, propaganda, public health, publications, railway stations, sanitation, sewerage, skilled labour, statistics, timber, vermin, water supply, winter

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