A file containing documents relating to the progress of air-raid shelter provision in London. Documents in the file include a weekly progress report; statistics on the number of people using London Underground stations as shelters; and statistics on shelter use in each local authority area. Topics covered in the documents include the progress of securing additional shelters for public use; the total shelter capacity of the region; the need to strengthen existing air-raid shelters; and the inaccuracy of figures on an air raid on the City of London, making it impossible to ascertain exactly how much shelter accommodation survived. Other topics discussed include the progress of the conversion of disused London Underground stations into shelters; educational classes being held in shelters; the provision of entertainment such as films and concerts; and the progress of installing heating in some public shelters.


air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, bedding, bomb damage, civil service, construction, culture, disease, education, entertainment, film, finance, furnishings, healthcare, heating, labour supply, London Underground, music, public health, railway stations, sanitation, sewerage, skilled labour, statistics

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