A file containing documents relating to the progress of air-raid shelter provision in London. Documents in the file include a weekly progress report; statistics on shelter use in each local authority area; reports from local authorities on the shelter situation; and statistics on the number of bunks delivered to shelters. Topics covered in the documents include the progress of securing additional shelters for public use; the decision to open school shelters to the public outside of school hours; a plan to establish a central pool of technical assistants to provide help to local authorities that do not have the required staff; and the issue of bunks being delivered faster than they are being installed. Other topics discussed include the London Passenger Transport Board's adaptation of disused stations as air-raid shelters; the question of who bears the costs for canteens at shelters; the financing of shelter entertainment; and the installation of sanitary facilities at Underground stations.


accommodation, air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, amenities, bedding, bomb damage, civil service, communal feeding, construction materials, depots, electricity, engineering, entertainment, factories, finance, first aid, furnishings, homelessness, infrastructure, labour supply, local authorities, London Underground, public health, railway stations, railways, sanitation, schools, sewerage, skilled labour, statistics, water supply

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