A file containing documents relating to the progress of air-raid shelter provision in London. Documents in the file include a weekly progress report; statistics on shelter use in each local authority area; and reports from local authorities on the shelter situation. Topics covered in the documents include the progress of securing additional shelters for public use; the total shelter capacity of the region; arrangements to record fluctuations in the use of shelters to understand their popularity; the legal authority given to local authorities to enter bomb-damaged properties to salvage construction materials for shelters; and the delivery and installation of bunks in shelters. Other topics discussed include the establishment of volunteer committees for individual shelters; the threat of damp in shelters with the onset of winter; the use of caves at Chislehurst as shelters; the inspection of shelters by medical officers; and the demand for construction materials for shelters.


air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, bedding, bomb damage, construction, construction materials, doctors, education, entertainment, factories, furnishings, healthcare, labour supply, local authorities, London Underground, public health, public morale, public opinion, railway stations, salvage, sanitation, sewerage, shelter wardens, skilled labour, voluntary organisations, volunteers, winter

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