Reference HO 205/251
Title Region Nos 4, 6, 7 and 12: progress reports on provision of shelters
Former Department Reference Piece numbers 249 to 256 are all unregistered papers.
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence
Subthemes Air raid shelters
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence, Statistical Data
Civil Defence Regions Region 4: Eastern (Cambridge HQ), Region 6: Southern (Reading HQ), Region 7: South Western (Bristol HQ), Region 12: South Eastern (Tunbridge Wells HQ)
Organisations Air Raid Precautions, Local Councils, National Fire Service


A file of documents relating to progress reports on the provision of air-raid shelters in the south of England. Subjects discussed in the file include the progress of construction work on the shelters; the costs of the shelters, construction materials, and labour; the numbers of shelters by local authority; the types of shelters, including Morrison and Anderson shelters, and public and deep-tunnel shelters; the need for shelters near aerodromes and war-industry factories; and the population of each local authority requiring shelters. Other subjects discussed include the supply of manpower and construction materials, including steel, bricks, and cement; the waterproofing and strengthening of shelters; the provision and installation of amenities inside shelters, including sanitary facilities, bunks, drainage, heating, lighting, ventilation, medical aid, canteens, and static water supplies; the inspection of shelters by the authorities; the issues of dampness and crime in the shelters; and emergency water provisions for firefighting.


accommodation, administration, air raids, aircraft, airfields, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, air-raid wardens, air-raid warnings, amenities, bedding, bomb damage, business, censuses, children, civil defence, civilian casualties, coastal areas, communal feeding, compensation, construction, construction materials, coupons, crime, defence works, demographics, demolition, depots, distribution, dockyards, drainage, emergency procedures, employment, engineering, factories, family, finance, fire prevention, fire services, fires, first aid, flooding, fuel, furnishings, gas, grants, healthcare, heating, housing, industrial equipment, industrial production, industrial workers, industry, infrastructure, labour supply, lighting, local authorities, looting, meals, metals, motor vehicles, motorcycles, nurses, offences, oil, petrol, public health, public spaces, public transport, quotas, railways, rationing, recruitment, repair, retail, salvage, sanitation, schools, skilled labour, statistics, steel, surveys, timber, towns, transportation, unskilled labour, villages, water supply, welfare, working hours

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