Reference HO 205/172
Title Regional narrative air-raid shelter progress reports for the period July 1941-November 1942
Former Department Reference O and O GEN 244/15/1 (Pts V-X)
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence
Subthemes Air raid shelters
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence, Statistical Data
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations London


A file of documents relating to monthly reports on the progress of air-raid shelter provisions across the United Kingdom. Subjects discussed in the file include labour provisions for the construction of shelters, including the distribution of labour and the issue of labour shortages; the progress of construction work, including issues in defective construction; and shelter amenities and welfare provisions, including bunks, dormitories, sanitary and cleaning facilities, lighting, heating, medical aid, fire precautions, ventilation, air-raid wardens, shelter supervisors, canteens, and drinking water. Other subjects discussed include the strengthening, waterproofing, and maintenance of shelters; the different types of shelters, including domestic and public shelters, and shelters in schools and London Underground stations; issues in the shelters such as dampness, flooding, disease, vermin infestation, and vandalism; inspections of shelters; and the costs of shelter construction. Documents in the file include censuses of night-time shelter occupancy and capacity in London.


accommodation, administration, air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelter conditions, air-raid shelters, air-raid wardens, amenities, bedding, bomb damage, censuses, children, coastal areas, communal feeding, conscription, construction, construction materials, crime, defence works, demographics, disease, distribution, electricity, employment, engineering, finance, fire prevention, flooding, healthcare, heating, infrastructure, labour shortages, labour supply, lighting, local authorities, London Underground, looting, meals, medical supplies, nurses, offences, photography, public health, public morale, public spaces, public transport, publicity, railway stations, railways, recruitment, sabotage, sanitation, schools, skilled labour, statistics, surveys, towns, transportation, unskilled labour, vermin, water supply, welfare

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