Reference HO 199/466
Title Flying bombs: German radio and press propaganda on their effects
Former Department Reference HSI: 127/57/7
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Bombing and Attacks on the Population
Subthemes Publicity campaigns and initiatives, Casualties and injuries, Damage to property, Rumours and gossip
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Press Summaries and Publications, Letters and Statements from the Public
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Aldershot, Beckenham, Berlin, Blackpool, Brighton, Croydon, Dartmouth, Dover, East Grinstead, Enfield, Folkestone, France, Germany, Gravesend, Hastings, Hertfordshire, Heston, India, Isle of Wight, Italy, Leatherhead, London, Merton, Morden, Newhaven, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Ramsgate, Richmond, Southampton, Streatham, Surrey, Sussex, Victoria, Welwyn Garden City, Weymouth
Organisations British Broadcasting Corporation
Article(s) from The Star © Evening Standard.


A file containing documents relating to German radio broadcasts and propaganda regarding the use of flying bombs. Documents in the file include transcripts of intercepted foreign radio broadcasts; "jitter queries" from the public on whether certain rumours originated on German radio; and a list of locations named in German radio broadcasts in connection to flying bomb attacks. Topics covered include attempts by the British to test the validity of German information; enemy propaganda on the hypocrisy of Britain's attitude to aerial warfare; and German comments on speeches by the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, on flying bomb attacks. Other topics discussed include German propaganda on the effect of flying bombs in London, using a captured letter sent by a mother to her son in Italy; a German broadcast describing a V-1 flying bomb command centre; threats by "Lord Haw-Haw", a German-controlled broadcaster; and the British attempts to combat flying bombs.


agriculture, air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, air-raid warnings, anti-aircraft defences, barrage balloons, Big Ben, bomb damage, censorship, civilian casualties, Daily Express, Daily Mail, enemy propaganda, engineering, explosives, flying bombs, foreign newspapers, Herbert Morrison, industry, infrastructure, Lord Haw-Haw, munitions, munitions industry, newspapers, postal communications, propaganda, public morale, public opinion, radio, radio broadcasts, railway stations, rumours, science, soldiers, technology, telegraphic communications, The Blitz, The Daily Telegraph, transportation, United States nationals, V-1 flying bomb, V-2 rocket, water supply, Winston Churchill

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