Reference HO 199/434
Title Propaganda and publicity used to measure and boost civilian morale: liaison with Ministry of Information
Former Department Reference HSI: 200/15
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Bombing and Attacks on the Population
Subthemes Public opinion and morale, Publicity campaigns and initiatives, Psychological impacts
Document Types Official Correspondence, Memoranda, Press Summaries and Publications
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Barcelona, Chatham, Germany, Ipswich, Kent, London, Luton, Poland, Sheffield, Southend-on-Sea, Spain, Sweden
Organisations British Broadcasting Corporation, Ministry of Information, Royal Air Force
Article(s) from Yorkshire Post © Yorkshire Post.


A file containing various documents relating to public morale in enemy air raids. Documents in the file include two copies of a memorandum on the preservation of civilian morale; official correspondence commenting on the contents of the memorandum, one of which contains a cutting from the Yorkshire Post on the psychological impacts of air raids; a list of phrases that can be used as a yardstick for measuring the effect of propaganda; and a letter about the release of government films to Latin America and Sweden, and the associated security concerns. Topics discussed in the memorandum include the use of slogans and phrases to alleviate fears about air raids; the types of propaganda that should be issued; the practicalities of air-raid precautions, including the provision of shelters and air-raid sirens; and how to treat paralysis resulting from fear during bombing attacks.


air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, air-raid wardens, anti-aircraft defences, barrage balloons, blackout, bomb damage, censorship, children, Chinese nationals, cinemas, civilian casualties, death rate, evacuation, evacuees, Fascism, film, munitions industry, newspapers, pacifism, posters, propaganda, public morale, publicity, radio broadcasts, rationing, regional newspapers, social class, Spanish nationals, trade unions

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