Reference HO 199/431
Title Medals and ribbons: wearing on civilian dress
Former Department Reference HSI: 200/13/1
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Bombing and Attacks on the Population
Subthemes Public opinion and morale
Document Types Letters and Statements from the Public, Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Hallam, Sheffield
Organisations Home Guard


A file containing documents relating to suggestions for ex-servicemen and local defence volunteers to wear their medals and awards as a means to inspire and reassure civilians during air raids. Documents in the file include letters from the public; letters for the Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam; and government correspondence on the circulation and receipt of the suggestions. Other public suggestions include the creation of an award to be bestowed upon civilians injured during air raids; and the creation of an award to recognise towns subject to continued heavy air raids.


air raids, air-raid shelters, awards, civil defence, civilian casualties, clothing, former servicemen, public morale, towns, uniforms, volunteers

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