Reference HO 199/419
Title People rendered homeless in the London area: observations on the effects of enemy bombing on their morale
Former Department Reference HSI: 200/5/1
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Bombing and Attacks on the Population, Domestic Life, Information Services and Propaganda
Subthemes Public opinion and morale, Damage to property, Political movements and disruption, Psychological impacts
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Official Correspondence
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations Chiswick, Ealing, London, Middlesex
Organisations Borough Councils, County Councils, Red Cross


A file of documents relating to the effect of enemy bombing on the role of people rendered homeless in the London area. Subjects covered in the file include issues resulting from homes being made uninhabitable through air raids, including disruption to domestic life and the rehousing of victims in requisitioned properties; the salvage of furniture, including issues with manpower and lorry provisions, and accusations of looting by Belgians; the need for uninhabitable houses with furniture to be protected from incendiary bombs and looting; and the morale of the homeless, with a particular focus on the impact on women with working or serving husbands. Also discussed is the impact of Communist Party propaganda, which encouraged sympathy for the Germans and exploited the victims' frustrations with the authorities. Other subjects covered include the spread of infectious diseases; the availability of hospital accommodation; and the removal of the dead.


accommodation, administration, air raids, air-raid precautions, Belgian nationals, billeting, blackout, bomb damage, civilian casualties, clothing, communal feeding, Communism, Communist Party of Great Britain, crime, depots, discrimination, disease, family, furnishings, gender relations, haulage, healthcare, homelessness, hospitals, housing, housing shortages, incendiary bombs, industrial workers, industry, labour supply, local authorities, looting, mortuaries, motor vehicles, police, propaganda, public health, public morale, race relations, refugees, requisitioning, salvage, social class, transportation, voluntary organisations, volunteers, wages

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