Reference HO 199/407
Title British wire-towing balloons: translation of German documents
Former Department Reference HSI: 188
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence
Subthemes Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence
Document Types Reports and Surveys
Locations Germany


A file of documents relating to British incendiary balloons. Subjects covered in the file include a description of the balloon; its method of operation, including the lighting of the balloon after its release, the burning of its liquid gas, and its destruction capacity; the impact of damage to the balloon cables on the balloon's protective capacity; and the methods of combating the balloons, including shooting or capturing them to render them harmless. Other subjects discussed include the German authorities' appeal for the reporting of found balloons by telephone, requesting details of the numbers found, the place and time of discovery, the direction of wind at the time of descent, the balloon's design and description, and the damage caused. Documents in the file include letters requesting the English translation of the document to be forwarded; and a letter requesting a copy of the original German document.


air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, bomb damage, espionage, German armed forces, German language, incendiary bombs, infrastructure, munitions, telephonic communications

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