Reference HO 199/387
Title Home Office matters: extracts from the Press
Former Department Reference HSI: 143/1
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Social Relations
Subthemes Foreign nationals and newcomers, Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence, Crime and policing, Public opinion and morale
Document Types Press Summaries and Publications
Civil Defence Regions Nationwide
Locations Canada, Channel Islands, Clacton, Eire
Organisations Air Raid Precautions, British Broadcasting Corporation, British Trades Union Congress, Home Guard, House of Commons, Irish Republican Army, Royal Air Force
Notes The following article(s) have been removed from this file due to copyright restrictions: The Times, 10 April 1940, untitled extract; The Times, 18 May 1940, untitled extract.
Article(s) from Daily Mail © Associated Newspapers/Solo Syndication.
Article(s) from News Chronicle © Associated Newspapers/Solo Syndication.


A file of press summaries relating to British wartime society. Subjects covered in the file include the internment of enemy aliens, including Germans and Austrians; the prosecution of offences during blackouts, including looting; attacks by the Irish Republican Army; a libel case by the Trades Union Congress against the Daily Worker; the internment of British Fascists; the work of A.R.P. services; punishments for anti-war activities, including fines and imprisonment; volunteers for home defence; and the Workmen's Compensation Bill. Other subjects discussed include differentiation between foreign nationals by categories including social status, class, occupation, political alignment, and wealth; defence regulations; local elections; restrictions on non-enemy aliens; the checking of identity papers; national morale; restrictions on entertainment including sports; an appeal for recruits; the recruitment of child labour; the evacuation of children; public sentiment against aliens and refugees; censorship; and British Summer Time.


agricultural production, agriculture, air raids, aircraft, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, air-raid wardens, air-raid warnings, aliens, allowances, Austrian nationals, Belgian nationals, blackout, British Union of Fascists, censorship, children, civil defence, Communism, Communist Party of Great Britain, compensation, courts, crime, Daily Mail, Daily Sketch, Daily Worker, dairy, Danish nationals, defence regulations, discrimination, Double Summer Time, Dutch nationals, elections, employment, entertainment, evacuation, factories, Fascism, fines, fires, French nationals, German nationals, glass, identity cards, imprisonment, industrial action, industrial workers, industry, infrastructure, internment, Italian nationals, labour supply, law, lighting, local authorities, looting, Manchester Guardian, meals, milk, motor vehicles, newspapers, Norwegian nationals, offences, pacifism, police, poverty, prisons, propaganda, prosecution, public demonstrations, public morale, public opinion, publicity, race relations, radio, radio broadcasts, railways, recruitment, refugees, regional newspapers, retail, rumours, schools, Sir John Anderson, social class, sport, summer, The Daily Telegraph, The Star, The Times, trade unions, United States nationals, volunteers, winter, working hours, youths

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