Reference HO 199/386
Title Comparison of German reports of air raid damage to the United Kingdom with those issued by Home Security War Room
Former Department Reference HSI: 137/5
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Information Services and Propaganda, Bombing and Attacks on the Population
Subthemes News and information channels, Damage to property, Publicity campaigns and initiatives
Document Types Film and Broadcast Transcripts, Reports and Surveys
Civil Defence Regions Region 4: Eastern (Cambridge HQ), Region 12: South Eastern (Tunbridge Wells HQ), Region 11: Scotland (Edinburgh HQ)
Locations Germany, Great Yarmouth, Hamburg, Leningrad, Moscow, North Shields, Odessa, Romania, Scilly Isles, South Shields, Soviet Union, Ukraine
Organisations British Broadcasting Corporation


A file of documents relating to German claims relating to air raids on the United Kingdom, as compared with extracts from official British reports. Subjects covered in the file include the number of German aircraft in each attack; the effects of German air raids, including damage to communications, merchant ships, supply ships, harbour docks, naval ports, housing, and public buildings; a dispute over the bombing of Scottish towns; and the effects of British air raids on western Germany, including casualties, damage to property, and the types of bombs used. Other subjects covered in the file include Axis attacks on the Soviet Union, including the capture of several thousand Soviet troops, damage to Soviet railways, the capture of Odessa, the sinking of merchant ships, and attacks against military installations in Moscow and Leningrad.


air raids, aircraft, bomb damage, civilian casualties, coastal areas, communications, Czechoslovak armed forces, enemy propaganda, freight shipping, German armed forces, German language, high-explosive bombs, housing, incendiary bombs, industry, infrastructure, invasion of the Soviet Union, Italian armed forces, military operations, ports, prisoners of war, propaganda, radio broadcasts, railways, Romanian armed forces, telephonic communications, transportation

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