Reference HO 192/1244
Title Fisher and Ludlow Ltd: effect of air raids
Former Department Reference RE/B38 26/70
Government Department Ministry of Home Security
Themes Industry and Infrastructure, Bombing and Attacks on the Population
Subthemes Manufacturing and materials, Damage to property, Disruption to services, Reconstruction and salvage
Document Types Reports and Surveys, Statistical Data, Maps, Charts, and Diagrams
Civil Defence Regions Region 9: Midlands (Birmingham HQ)
Locations Birmingham, Coventry, Ludlow, Smethwick
Organisations Auxiliary Fire Service


A file containing documents relating to the effect of air raids on Fisher and Ludlow Limited, a metal-pressing firm engaged in munitions production for the government. Documents in the file include weekly statistics on the delivery of goods; reports of production and bomb damage provided by the firm; a series of graphs representing the data in the reports; and maps and plans of the locations of the firm's factories and plants. Topics covered in the documents include a description of the firm and the work that it is engaged in; descriptions of the bomb damage and individual raids; the cost of the damage; and the effect of the raids on industrial production. Other topics discussed include the salvage operations and the methods by which normal production was restored; plans made in case of further raids; disruptions to amenities such as communications and water supply; and details of production contracts with government departments.


air raids, air-raid precautions, air-raid shelters, amenities, blackout, bomb damage, construction materials, contingency planning, electricity, employment, factories, finance, fire prevention, fire services, fire watch, fires, George VI, high-explosive bombs, incendiary bombs, industrial equipment, industrial production, industry, infrastructure, labour shortages, munitions, munitions industry, productivity, reconstruction, repair, salvage, skilled labour, soldiers, statistics, telephonic communications, wages, water supply, working hours

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