Reference HLG 900/72
Title Government Evacuation Scheme. Man Power. Releases and deferments from military service of staffs of local authorities and statutory water companies
Government Department Ministry of Health
Themes Military Activity and Home Defence
Subthemes Central and local government, Reserved occupations, Labour supply and relations
Document Types Official Correspondence, Memoranda, Miscellaneous
Civil Defence Regions Region 5: London
Locations Bexley, Kent
Organisations Auxiliary Air Force, Borough Councils, British Army, Civil Defence Committee, Local Councils, Pioneer Corps, Royal Air Force, Royal Engineers, St John Ambulance, Territorial Army


A file of government correspondence relating to the deferment of military service for employees of Bexley Borough Council in Kent. Subjects covered in the file include the council's requests for the return of its employees due to difficulties in recruiting for replacements; a request for the return of a man already enlisted, which can only be granted in special cases; and an increase in women clerks due to the lack of suitable men. Other subjects discussed include the relative importance of council and military work; and the council's difficulties in making emergency repairs to war-damaged properties due to the labour shortage caused by the call-up of builders employed by the council. Documents in the file include applications for the temporary deferment of the call-up of men liable to serve in the armed forces; and memoranda informing the council that deferment of its employees is only temporary.


administration, advertising, air raids, bomb damage, civil defence, conscription, construction, electricity, employment, engineering, finance, housing, labour shortages, labour supply, lawyers, local authorities, military reserves, office workers, poverty, public health, recruitment, repair, reserved occupations, salvage, sanitation, wages, waste disposal

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