Reference HLG 900/56
Title Government Evacuation Scheme. Medical Arrangements. Complaints
Government Department Ministry of Health
Themes Evacuation, Domestic Life
Subthemes Reception and billeting, Health and welfare, Families and relationships
Document Types Official Correspondence, Letters and Statements from the Public
Civil Defence Regions Region 8: Wales (Cardiff HQ)
Locations Birkenhead, Corwen, Edeyrnion
Organisations Ministry of Health, Rural District Councils


A file of government correspondence and letters from a member of the public relating to a father protesting a doctor's negligence in the medical treatment of his evacuated daughter, who died from diphtheria in Corwen. Subjects covered in the file include the father's protests that his previous letters were ignored by the local council; and his accusation that the doctor delayed in diagnosing his daughter's illness despite earlier requests from her foster father for her to be seen. Other subjects discussed include the council's reply that the doctor met with the foster parent multiple times, and was only permitted to see the girl once it was too late. Documents in the file include a letter from the Welsh Board of Health concerning the responsibility of the Ministry of Health for the care of unaccompanied evacuees, and the board's reluctance to officially raise the case due to the parent's legal rights.


billeting, childcare, children, diphtheria, disease, doctors, evacuation, evacuees, family, foster parents, healthcare, householders, law, local authorities, medical supplies, parents, postal communications, public demonstrations, public health, reception areas, unaccompanied evacuees, welfare

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